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A leading insurance organization specializing in Crop Insurance​ was faced with the demands of a growing business. Their growth and subsequent application demands resulted in scalability challenges, performance limitations and stability issues within the current application. The PSG team focused on understanding their vision, closely analyzing their application and acknowledging their limitations. Our team of innovative developers designed a hybrid solution consisting of cloud services and an on premises application which integrates with the USDA and NOAA. The application delivers both a customer portal and offline agent quoting capabilities and leverages a modularized architecture which enables our customer to deliver to agents across the US​ in a seamless integrated application.

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A well established document management company​ reached out to the PSG team to leverage business process automation in an effort to grow the organization while managing cost.  PSG​ met with key stakeholders to evaluate the current process and the future projections. Our deliverable included a nimble .NET design which delivered a high-performance solution with varying complexity that integrates with USPS to manage the document fulfillment process. This includes delivering a client portal for real time invoicing and project status while facilitating postage rate compliance and cost management.