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​Faced with growing crime and antiquated systems a local police department​engaged ​the PSG team ​to evaluate their information processing bottlenecks with the goal of delivering real time case stats to the field officers.  The PSG team ​designed an integrated application which consolidated police dispatching and debriefing data and delivered that data to patrol cars, as needed. This innovation allowed officers to refocus their efforts on cases which had not been resolved in the field. The application directly impacted the services delivered to the community and overall effectiveness of the debriefing process. 

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​A​ leading packaging organization​desired​ to  transform their sales management process.  ​As an innovator in CRM process automation, the PSG team built off of the Microsoft Platform and​ integrated with Dynamics to extract sales data, measure it against MBOs and delivered powerful executive analytics which reduced the business development life-cycle and improved conversion rates.  ​As a result the VP of Sales obtained real time, measurable metrics on all field sales executives and was able to tailor coaching and training accordingly.