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  • Talent Optimization Framework 2 - Great business strategies don’t execute themselves.
    tiffany jorge
    The most efficient organization starts with the right people.   When you’re tasked with executing your organization’s operational strategy, it’s important to ensure the right people are in the right roles. Most companies create a business strategy and determine what business results they want to achieve—but glaze over the critical
  • tiffany jorge
    What would your employees say about their remote work-life balance? April 10, 2020 ,Erin Balsa, 5 minute read, Last updated April 13, 2020 Today at our weekly all-company meeting, a topic was work-life balance. PI’s been fully-remote for about a month now, and—judging from posts in the #pi-parents Slack channel—it
  • tiffany jorge
     10 tips for consultants during an economic downturn April 8, 2020 ,Laurel White ,5 minute read COVID-19 has been challenging for all small businesses, and consultancies are no different. Within a matter of days, consultants went from being the most popular person on the call list to having radio silence.

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