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We are hiring!! Are you an artist who happens to draw on screens using HTML & CSS. You may also bring pages to life with presentational JavaScript.
You’ll have two main jobs:
  • Turn marketing’s ideas into web wireframes (Illustrator, Invision, Balsamiq, Gliffy), then into HTML5.
  • Turn the UX team’s concepts into UI wireframes, using scenarios and stories.
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Are you a Web Developer in the Denver area?
Check out this HOT opportunity!!
As the Web Developer you will lead, oversee and provide vision for the organization’s online assets, as well as provide improvements, maintenance, and future development of our websites.
In addition, you will manage front and back end of web and other online properties. This role includes continuous development and maintenance of websites, ecommerce software, and web security, as well as troubleshooting of technical issues and hiring and managing outside contractors

 Please reach out for any questions or guidance.